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Here you will find software that has been “Released” and is considered Stable (and possibly Beta). All Java projects are under a nightly build cycle, so any recent changes can always be found there (check the Nighly Builds menu option under “Software” above).
SWT – Open Source (EPL License)
The SWT Collapsible Buttons Widget is a highly customizable collapsible buttons widget modeled after the bottom-left buttons widget in Microsoft Outlook. The features outnumber that of outlooks however and you can customize everything down to the gradients and colors used to render the surface areas.

The widget also comes with 4 themes (XP and Outlook 2007) and you can basically make it look any way you want.

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The SWT Calendar Combo is a combo box widget written in Java for SWT applications that opens a calendar when dropped down. The calendar is modeled after Microsoft Outlook’s calendar widget and acts and behaves exactly the same (and it is also theme based).

Another nice feature is that the combo is not based on CCombo (as so many other custom implementations), but is instead attached to the native Combo box.

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The SWT GANTT Chart is a customizable GANTT chart widget written in Java for SWT applications.

The GANTT widget has taken hints from Microsoft Project and other GANTT products as far as features and overall look and feel goes and has then received more features on top of that. There are features such as dependencies, checkpoints, and much more. Most things are customizable and you can zoom in to detailed day views all the way out to yearly overviews. Events can be resized, dragged and dropped and various other things.

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