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The SWT Ribbon is a SWT widget modeled after the Office 2007 ribbon and intends to mimic its features. It custom-draws everything to draw things such as split buttons, custom toolbars and even a Shell implementation. Currently there are quite a few known issues with it that are incredibly hard to mimic as the normal Office ribbon can access and override Windows API which SWT cannot. Therefore it is quite unlikely that it will be more than a framework for creating a simplified ribbon, as opposed to re-creating every feature that the Office ribbon has.


Features so far (major features)

  • Groups – Named, Hover/Dehover colors, Dividers, Tooltip button corners on/off.
  • Buttons – Normal, Toggle, Split, Toggle & Split, Enabled & disabled images. Vertical image alignments. Arrows.
    • Split – Tooltip / Actions for both top & bottom. Supports toggle or non toggle for half button.
    • Big – Same features as small, just different size.
  • Tabs – Scrollwheel to cycle, Hover, Selected, Double-click to expand/collapse entire folder
  • Checkboxes – The usual features
  • Tooltips – Customizable images, text, sizes, fonts, colors, help icons, help text, rounded shell corners
  • Button Dependency Groups – If button A belongs with buttons B and C and A is selected. User presses C. C is selected. A deselects.
  • Toolbars – Both bordered toolbars and non-bordered toolbars, including groupings.
  • Big button – Done
  • Tab-bar help button – Done
  • Menubar toolbar and dropdown area – Done
  • Shell – Borders, etc etc

Todo list

  • Big Button Popup Shell – See Word 2007 for example.
  • Event colors – Hover + Selected + MouseDown (if it’s worth it, it’s purely for a 100% mimic effect).
  • Labels – Simple lables with images.
  • Groups – Fade in/Fade out.
  • Layouts – Let user define built-ins to some extent.
  • Collapsed tab-bar tab-click – Show tab-area while user is in it and clicks in it.
  • Bugs – There’s various right now, but it should be quite usable.

Ribbon Shell Screenshots

Mouse hovered over bottom part of split toggle button

Mouse is hovered over toolbar button on the left

Mouse is hovered over big button

Normal Screenshots

1. Normal button with tooltip, text split on two rows, arrow.

2. Split button, showing menu popup when bottom is clicked

3. Split button where top is selected, no mouse focus

4. Normal button with tooltip

5. Same button, pressed and hovered and selected.

6. Small split button, right part pressed down.

7. Checkboxes, disabled with tooltip.

8. Active tab + hover.

9. Hover over non-active tab.

10. Checkbox, with hover.

11. Native control interaction (do note that “Native” group does not show hover right now, working on that).

12. Collapsed entire tabfolder by doubleclicking tab.