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This page contains “Unfinished” projects. Some projects may become finished (at which point they’ll move into the Software section) whereas some projects may never get there. But the code is available – which means that you’re welcome to download and use what’s there without having to wait for a finished release. And, of course, should you wish to contribute, that’s great! (no pressure though).

I can not offer my support on any of these projects though, so don’t expect any manuals or help files unless they’re listed here. This page is pretty much an experiment to see how offering up unfinished projects works out (which isn’t all that different from CVS/SVN repositories).

The SWT Ribbon is modeled after the Office 2007 ribbon and intends to mimic its features. It custom-draws everything to draw things such as split buttons, custom toolbars and even a Shell implementation. Currently there are quite a few known issues with it that are incredibly hard to mimic as the normal Office ribbon can access and override Windows API which SWT cannot. Therefore it is quite unlikely that it will be more than a framework for creating a simplified ribbon, as opposed to re-creating every feature that the Office ribbon has.

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Eclipse Source Assist
The Source Helper plugin is an Eclipse plugin that takes a very useful feature from that exists in Intellij IDEA and puts it into Eclipse. In short, the feature shows the code of an out-of-visible-range starting bracket by floating a window that shows the corresponding starting code.

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