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Nov 10

Various Tidbits

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Posted on Wednesday, November 10, 2010 in Site Related.

I know it’s been ages since any updates, but I have not had much time to write long articles between work and other projects. I’m also still rather stuck in the world of Silverlight, which is a whole different story. Microsoft is doing funny things there as well, it might not even survive beyond a mobile platform.

It’s worth mentioning however, that the GanttChart has had quite a few bug fixes lately as well as improvements (new features) so if you’re a user of that it may be worth testing the latest nightly build and see if it makes life better on your end. I know there’s requests for Millisecond and Second “zoom views” but apart from some sketchy code that isn’t working as I want it, it hasn’t made it into any release yet, but it’s on the big TODO list and a priority.

Also, the Eclipse Nebula project “build system” has been broken for quite a while, so if you want the latest code (as always), use CVS or grab it from the nightly builds section on this site.

I’m hoping I’ll find time for some new articles going forward.

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