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Mar 17

Maven Version Clash Detection (and Software)

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Posted on Tuesday, March 17, 2009 in Articles, Programming.

Maven is a great tool for building Java projects, there’s no doubt about that. Unfortunately there is one great feature still lacking of Maven which is important when you use third party dependencies, namely detecting when your components use dependencies of different versions without your knowledge. What does that mean? It’s probably easier to explain […]

March 17, 2009 • Tags: , , • Posted in: Articles, Programming • Comments Off on Maven Version Clash Detection (and Software)

Mar 2

Office UI Licensing and The Ribbon Widget

Posted on Monday, March 2, 2009 in Programming.

This will not be a long post, but I want to point this out as it may be important. I know some are using the Ribbon Widget in their applications despite the “Alpha” state that it is in. This is of course great, but I want to make sure people are aware that Microsoft are […]

March 2, 2009 • Posted in: Programming • 2 Comments